Syndria is headed and led by two Directors Tony Thomas and Swapna Sethu. Tony Thomas takes care of the Marketing, Sales and Business Development and Swapna Sethu handles the Legal, HR and the Business Operations. Syndria is an example of total teamwork and effort. Syndria is originally the brainchild and idea of Mr.Tony Thomas who worked in various companies in different roles and realized that there are many challenges faced by companies using standard solutions found ready-made and decided to start a company that would cater to the specific and unique requirements. Thus Syndria was founded in April 2017 with an idea of catering to the customized needs of companies. Tony Thomas though with a degree of Civil Engineering is an ambitious branding and marketing professional who has a youthful yet well-refined perspective. Swapna Sethu whose primary qualification is Law & Psychology came on board as an investor and then went on to be a full-time Director of Law/Business development because of her interest and love of technology and innovations.

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